star_trek_megacon_2012_trekkie_fan_by_cyberzing432-d4qr1m3Hello, and welcome to my page!  My name is Jessica Carter and I am a life long Star Trek lover!  Yes, I am a Trekkie! Growing up, I watched Star Trek with my brother, James, as often as I could. Though I was seen as odd, I had my entire room decorated in Star Trek memorabilia. Yeah, I wasn’t too popular with the other kids. That was fine, though.

I began collecting Star Trek memorabilia when I was nine and my uncle bought me my first Spock doll. Every birthday and Christmas after that, I would ask for more and more Star Trek items. I had quite the collection!

Two years ago, when I turned thirty, I pulled out some of my Star Trek stuff and began showing it to my son and daughter. They were quite interested in it, so we began watching episodes together. Well, now they love Star Trek as well!

This site was started as a way for me and the kids to share our love for Star Trek. I will be sharing stories, reviews, and information about Star Trek items that I come across. I hope you will come along with me on this journey!  Oh, and don’t forget the new series coming out in January!  Me and the kids can’t wait!