Awesome Star Trek Concepts We Never Got to See (Part I)


After 50 years, Star Trek executives and writers have had plenty of ideas, but most get cut before they hit the airwaves. It’s too bad since a lot of them sounded quite interesting. Here are good Star Trek concepts we never got to see.

There was a full-sized enterprise ship in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Enterprise

The Las Vegas Strip has two parts: the trashy side in the city of Las Vegas, and the incredible side in the unincorporated city of Paradise. The Vegas side doesn’t get a lot of tourists. However, this hurts the gambling revenue. Therefore, in 1992, the city came up with an enterprising plan. They would get tourists away from the flashier casinos, with a full-size model of the Starship Enterprise.

Development company Goddard Group got the contract and planned to get started. The Enterprise would be constructed exactly like the fictional specifications of the TV show, sadly leaving out the photon torpedoes and phasers. It would appear as the ship dropped right in the middle of Las Vegas. 

Guests could tour the ship and see good reproductions of the sets from the films and TV shows. Also, with no exterior supports, so the reproduction stays faithful, the ship was a slight engineering miracle, a thing that would have even made Spock proud.

What Happened? 

Ultimately, Paramount killed the project for being too risky. According to Paramount, if they made a bad film, people would forget about it in a year. However, if this tourist trap didn’t work out, it’d be around eternally.

Apparently, Paramount has never heard of demolitions, but that was the end of that. Vegas went with the less-exciting Fremont Street Experience, which is just a goofy tunnel with lights. Millions of Star Trek fans were more upset than when Spock died.


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