Awesome Star Trek Concepts We Never Got to See (Part IV)

Star Trek was usually peaceful.

Star Trek: Final Frontier

Since the ’90s, fans have desired to see what the Federation was like years after Picard ran it. CBS never let us see it, choosing instead to disappoint us with the series, Star Trek: Discovery. Maybe Star Trek: Picard will help. Fans almost got what they desired in 2006, though, with Star Trek: Final Frontier.

Instead of a conventional TV show, Final Frontier just a web-only series, with brief animated episodes. But it wasn’t some children’s cartoon show. Final Frontier explored the shady future of the Federation. During a war with the Romulan Empire, years after Next Generation, strange explosions of Omega Particles created big chunks of space difficult to travel via warp, effectively cutting the Federation in half. 

Any person trapped in these regions of space would take years to travel anywhere else, stranding starships in wide nothingness and with viewers not feeling any happiness. No ever. The political uncertainty made the Vulcans leave the Federation, devastated the Andorians, and lets the Romulans occupy the Klingons. That doesn’t seem like the usual peace-loving Star Trek to fans.

Star Trek and Real Issues

CBS wanted to face real issues head-on, developing a show that paralleled the world upheavals after 9/11. They wrote what was essential “Battlestar Galactica meets Star Trek and gets a huge case of the unhappy,” concluded with a run-down and stranded Enterprise. 

CBS ultimately lost interest in the show, which is possible for the better. Most folks don’t want to think about the Twin Towers when they view Star Trek. 

Though, most folks were intrigued. Some people did some digging and found out that the planned storyboards are online, and they’re really, really good. Not a space-Osama on any of them. Hopefully, it stays that way.

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