Awesome Star Trek Concepts We Never Got to See (Part VI)

Star Trek was updated for the new audience. 

Star Trek: Federation

When Star Trek: Enterprise got cut in 2005, Star Trek looked dead on TV. Enterprise lost viewers during its run. After the film Nemesis got devoured in the box office, Paramount and CBS were looking for anything to get viewers interested again in the franchise.

This is where Bryan Singer comes in. The acclaimed director was hot off his success with the X-Men franchise and turned his eyes to the stars. He desired to update Star Trek for the new TV audience, letting the show have a darker tone and long serialized arcs. His idea, Star Trek: Federation, was one of the boldest Star Trek ideas ever. 

New Enterprise

Taking place in the year 3000, Federation had a United Federation of Planets that had a Klingon empire turning into a mystical religious order, a crew that had become content and stopped exploring, and the Ferengi was the dominant galactic superpower. In this peaceful future, the galaxy is confronted by a new enemy from a mysterious space named The Scourge. A new Enterprise, led by James Kirk’s descendant, Alexander, is sent out to halt the threat from terminating the fragile peace of the galaxy.

Federation had all the whistles and bells of Star Trek: new ships, new aliens, and incredible writers signing on-board. But J.J. Abrams killed it, as his ideas for a rebooted film franchise won over the executives. Thus, Singer and the company dropped their idea before officially pitching it. Too bad. 

A Comeback

Before Star Trek made its way to the big screen, there was a notion of bringing it back to television. Tests were even done in 1977 for the project, called Star Trek: Phase II. Actors cast. Sets were built. Scripts are written. But when the big shots decided it would work better as a film, the project was ditched.

Well, repurposed. In fact, a few of the characters would be in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, such as Commander Decker and the exotic alien Ilia. 


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