Awesome Star Trek Concepts We Never Got to See (Part VII)

They wanted a dark and violent Star Trek.

Star Trek: The Beginning

If these projects have taught people anything, it’s that Paramount really desired a violent, dark Star Trek. Before J.J. Abrams came on the scene with his rebooted franchise, Paramount was thinking about developing Star Trek: The Beginning, a film set in the prime universe, along with 9/11 and Holocaust parables.

The start took place in the Earth-Romulan War, years before Spock and Kirk blasted off. The Romulans did a huge sneak attack on Earth, asking all Vulcans to be turned over to Romulan extermination camps. Similar to the Nazis. The United Federation of Planets dispatches Tiberius Chase, an ancestor to Kirk and a hotshot pilot and ancestor to Kirk, out on a fight against the Romulan fleet.

The script sounds okay enough, but it had some crazy elements. For instance, Tiberius’s family is a group of xenophobes living in Antarctica, basically snow racists. Also, Paramount decided to play up the World War II tone, complete with the noticeable Holocaust parallels. With Tiberius leading a guerrilla war against the Romulans, it seems like this was a mixture of Star Trek and Inglorious Bastards, which really sounds amazing. 

However, Paramount decided The Beginning was just too dark. Basically, they desired dark until they got dark, then they ran like girls toward the security of old characters. Fans will never see Tiberius Chase get into the business of killing Romulans.

False Truth

Most Star Trek fans believe TNG (The Next Generation) began from scratch, with a collection of new characters totally different from the classic series. Yes, several of the characters on TNG were new, such as the British, bald captain and the large Klingon who was a prune juice lover. Though, there were a couple of key characters (with less original roots) put together with thrown away parts from earlier projects.


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