Best Star Trek Books (Part II)

The Romulan Way by Diane Duane & Peter Morwood

Federation Agent LoBrutto has been hiding among the Romulans for a long time. When a Starfleet officer is captured, she is forced to decide between keeping her cover or save Dr. McCoy. Written by hubby and wife Peter Morwood and Diane Duane, this book is part of the Rihannsu series, breaking the norms of book during this period. Like the television show, initial Star Trek books are quite episodic. This specific series was prosperous since the books were all connected and told one bigger story, outside of the normal episodes’ narratives.

Crisis of Consciousness by Dave Galanter

The U.S.S. Enterprise and the crew is ending a mission with the Maabas, an alien race with whom they want to have a treaty with. As immigrants from a great war long ago, the Maabas aren’t indigenous to the planet that they now live on or the solar system. The Federation’s curiosity in this race is because of their excellent intellectual resources. As the peace treaty is signed, the Enterprise is confronted by the Kenisians, a race that once ruled this planet and want their power back.

The Returned, Part 1 by Peter David

The first part of a three-part series, Star Trek: The New Frontier, author Peter David pens another crowd pleaser. The U.S.S. Excalibur and Capt. Calhoun are back after an effort to track down Xenex unsuccessfully. So, he’s now looking for the race that killed them to seek revenge on them. Capt. Calhoun hunt puts the ship and the crew in a pocket universe where he discovers another race and his enemies. Now, the test is on to see if this other race is an friend or an even bigger threat.

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