Best Star Trek Books (Part V)

Ishmael by Barbara Hambly

Barbara Hambly takes Star Trek for a comedy spin with western flavor in this ‘85 novel.

It’s inspired by the television program, Here Come the Brides which was on from ’68 to ’70. The story also contains several funny cameo appearances of characters and sci-fi character from television westerns. Dorks and pop culture enthusiasts and dorks will love the way these characters from the world of cult entertainment and television pop up in the story. You can find Han Solo making an appearance.

The book’s amusing story takes place in a logging town in Seattle in the 1800s. There, women have been moved from the East to become brides to the men. This was a real historical procedure called the Mercer Girls project which was the source for Here Come the Brides as well as the ‘54 musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

There’s nothing more amusing than a good historic mish-mash and reading about Spock try to unravel the reality going on around him with his Vulcan intelligence creates plenty of laughter.

Typhon Pact- Zero Sum Game by David Mack

Zero Sum Game is the first in a Star Trek novel series of seven books and novellas called the Typhon Pact. A big work, Typhon Pact is a crossover between the universe of the novels and the television shows such as DSN and TNG.

David Mack is a writer with solid experience in writing, having written numerous entertaining Star Trek books. Zero Sum Game is going on that list too. It’s the first in a real epic story which displays an coalition of races including the Breen, the Tholian, the Gorn, the Tzenkethi, the Kinshaya Holy Order, and the Romulan going against the Federation.

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