Captain Kirk’s Many Loves

James T. Kirk wasn’t just the Captain of the Enterprise. He’s a robber of hearts. He is witty, handsome, and charming. Sure, put him in a one-on-one scenario with a huge lizard monster and he’ll fight with a cannon made of dirt & rocks. But one-on-one with a woman? Let’s just state the codes of 60s television require a fade out.

All can use some extra game. Let’s take a minute to salute our Captain. Here, then, are the 10 best girlfriends of Captain Kirk.

Dr. Gillian Taylor

Dr. Taylor played by Catherine Hicks

A marine biologist in the peak of the late 20th century’s “Save the Whales” movement, Dr. Taylor didn’t expected that she and two humpbacks named Gracie & George would be the ones to save the human race.

Captain Kirk used his charisma to get the information he wanted out Gillian. But her curious spirit got her a ticket to the 23rd century. In addition to bringing her personal knowledge of probe-responding whales, she also brought an advanced palette for extravagant pizza.


A chick who wore an obedience collar. Shahna was truly one of the livelier ones.

This leading lady is best known for her outrageous green hair and an outfit one would call revealing no matter what side of the galaxy you’re living. While Shahna might have been athletic enough to teach space gladiators, she wasn’t precisely the sharpest crystal on any planet, if you know what we mean. After Kirk reveals to her what true beauty is, she helps free him, Uhura, and Chekov from the hands of the Providers. When she expects Kirk to take her with him to the lights in the sky, like a man, he uses some lame excuse about how she should stay behind and evolve the society of her rising people. Somehow when Kirk says it, it sounds smooth.

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