Diamond Select Expanded Star Trek License speculated

It was recently said that McFarlane Toys had inked a deal to create Star Trek figures, accessories and weapon, as well as those from Star Trek: Discovery. Some folks wondered what this new deal implied for Diamond Select, who has been producing Star Trek toys since ’01. Diamond Select Toys began with Star Trek: Enterprise.

Diamond Select’s top people assured Trek fans that they are still creating Star Trek items. Also stated was that Diamond Select has enhanced their license to include other facets of the Trek universe, although there weren’t any specifics on what this development of the their license involves.

There is also a rumor that there are a few formerly revealed Star Trek items still in the works. They are a Star Trek: TNG Cobrahead phaser toy first spotted at the ’15 Toy Fair, an

Khan Noonien Singh

electronic ship from The Wrath of Khan, and a Borg figure. There is hope that these products will be available soon. When they are, you can be sure there will be a big announcement of prices and release dates.

SDCC Exclusive Coming and a New Star Trek Ship

There is talk that Diamond Select is crafting a new Star Trek electronic ship, to be coming soon. Additionally, there is a plan on having a special variation of an earlier Trek ship offered as an exclusive for Comic Con-San Diego.

This is all great news for collectors, who can clear some room on their shelves for Diamond Select merchandise that is coming soon.

Reviews of latest Star Trek releases

In case you didn’t see it, there were some information on the latest Diamond Select releases like the Khan figure from The Wrath of Khan and the Romulan Bird of Prey from the episode “Balance of Terror.”

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