Do You Want to Attend the Starfleet Academy?

STARFLEET Academy is the school and learning division of STARFLEET the local and international fan club of Star Trek. It provides a big variety of courses varying from testing trivial knowledge of the Star Trek universe to increasing general knowledge about the world around us.

SFA’s curriculum has been crafted to be provided only to the members of STARFLEET. While the courses provided are not accepted as a formal education by any established institute of higher learning, they are a great way to pass the time and to learn something new each day.

SFA courses are typically free to all members, and basically all have their course materials available online. Members without computer access can ask for hard copies of exams and/or certificates to be mailed to them for the cost of postage and printing.

SFA currently has over 200 colleges spanning all aspects of science fiction and Star Trek. Some courses also cover non-sci-fi topics such as tests on real life topics of an assortment of countries. Every college provides dozens of various courses at various levels of difficulty from really simple easy to really complex. In total, there are over 4,000 different courses available with more being added each day.

While there are lots of Star Trek fan clubs in the world, there’s only one STARFLEET Academy. It’s not a place however. STARFLEET Academy is a significant collection of correspondence courses within a fan organization available to every STARFLEET member.

STARFLEET Academy is consistently working to offer fresh subjects and areas of study for entertainment and learning. Even though they aren’t recognized as college courses, if you’re a Star Trek fan, you can give them a try to learn something new.

May your journey through the Academy be enriching and fun.

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