Fun Facts About Uhura

Uhura was a Starfleet officer in the 23rd century. A human, she functioned as a communications officer on the USS Enterprise and USS Enterprise-A under the command of Captain James T. Kirk. (She can be seen in The Original Series The Enterprise, and The Voyage Home).


Uhura was of African descent. She was fluent in Swahili and had a knack for mathematics. She did the 100-meter dash in record time. (See it in the following episodes: The Man Trap, The Changeling, Spectre of the Gun, The Savage Curtain; TAS: The Slaver Weapon.

Uhura started her Starfleet career in 2265. In 2266, Lieutenant Uhura was a command division officer aboard the USS Enterprise. She was the person in charge of the communications department.

Later that year, Uhura was moved to the operations division. In the years of being a part of the USS Enterprise’s historic five-year mission, she was a proficient technician and was considered by Captain Kirk to be a dependable bridge officer and main science station when the need came up.

On Stardate 1672.1, before taking a small on-board ship sabbatical, Uhura’s voice was heard ship-wide prompting her fellow crew members to correctly file their “time sheets via the communications department.” (You can hear this in the episode The Enemy Within).

On Stardate 1709.1, Uhura again handled the navigation post when Lieutenant Stiles was required to be somewhere else on the ship during the clash with the Romulans around the neutral zone.

In 2267, Uhura was a part of the landing party that beamed down to the Guardian of Forever planet to look for Dr. Leonard McCoy, who was in a confused state of mind because of an accidental overdose of cordrazine. Uhura was the first one in the landing party to see that the group had lost contact with the Enterprise.

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