Gender Roles In Star Trek Next Generation

In ‘66 a series “Star Trek” was crafted. It’s author, Gene Roddenberry, didn’t create the show to be a science fiction show. The show was much intense than that. It wasn’t just about finding new planets and people. It was about controversial topics. Even though the show takes place in the 23rd and 24th century the problems were current. In every series, there was growth with the issues and the time. The problems that were included in the episodes of Trek were religion, sexuality, race, gender roles and the depiction of science.

There was the captain Kes and Janeway. This series put women into positions of

Uhura was ahead of her time

leadership. The advancement of women in Star Trek has been properly timed and has even pushed a little bit past the time. Even though Uhura essentially was the role of a secretary, her role still pushed the envelope for the time because of her race. She was a black actress during the civil rights movement in the US. She even considered quitting the role because she felt that she wasn’t used enough for her role.

However, after Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke with her and told her how vital it would be for her to stay on the show, she did. Women in Star Trek have move from the secretary type to a counselor, doctor, second in command and finally the first in command or the captain. Their progress lets them be more significant.

Let’s talk more explicitly about TNG. The original series displayed the four starring male roles to offer everything for the crew. Not so with TNG. This crew is more like a family with a father, a mother and children. But who were the major members of the family? There are four characters which give the appearance of a family on TNG.

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