Intriguing Facts About Original Star Trek Characters (Part I)

The first Star Trek aired from 1966 to 1969. Now, some of its concepts are laughable, like a computer devoted entirely to library holdings. Other notions are downright sexist, like the miniskirts female officers and enlisted personnel had to wear as part of their military “uniforms.” Though, the starship’s transporter beam and deflector shields are futuristic concepts, even by current standards.

The usual characters and the people who played them also make the first series entertaining to watch, as much now as 50 years ago. Here are some little-known, intriguing facts that raise their interest level for Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike.

Captain James T. Kirk

For years, the kiss between,  Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, of African descent and Captain James Tiberius Kirk, of Iowa, was thought to have been the first televised interracial kiss, but research has shown it is, in fact, the third.

Kirk and Uhura kiss in “Plato’s Stepchildren,” the 10th episode of season three, which aired

Their kiss made television history. 

in 1968. They and many other members of the USS Enterprise‘s crew visit the planet Platonius in response to a distress call, only to find that its inhabitants, the Platonians, have telepathic powers. For entertainment purposes, the Platonians use their capabilities to make Kirk try to seduce Uhura.

In the process, Kirk and Uhura exchange a lingering kiss.

British TV had an interracial kiss between Lloyd Reckford, who played a young black Cambridge student, and Elizabeth MacLennan, who was a white working-class girl, in the 1962 televised “You in Your Small Corner.”

Unsure how the kiss between Kirk and Uhura might be accepted at the time, NBC decided to leave it in the episode. Even if Kirk and Uhura’s kiss isn’t groundbreaking, it’s still seen as a television changing moment. This Star Trek episode was watched by way more viewers than the earlier British show.


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