Original Star Trek Characters Who Can Be a Part of Star Trek: Discovery (Part I)

Star Trek: Discovery just launched yet another band of adventurers into far-out of space to try to find new life and new civilizations. Set almost 10 years before Kirk and his crew started their five-year mission, the show is both a retelling of the long-running franchise and an examination of a vital event in the history of Star Trek: Federation-Klingon War.

Based on the huge twists and turns we’ve seen in a couple of seasons of Star Trek: Discovery, the remaining two episodes will provide numerous surprises to fill two starships. It’s now no secret that the USS Enterprise is coming back for the huge finale episodes.

Rebecca Romijn will come back as Number One—the first officer of the Enterprise. Anybody else? Could other unforgettable characters from the original series be hanging around the Enterprise? Could we get a peek of them in this episode?

Based on the timeline, here are a few characters from Star Trek: The Original Series who could possibly be on the USS Enterprise in the last two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery season 2.

Dr. Boyce

Fans can welcome back Dr. Boyce and his martini’s in the new season of Star Trek: Discovery.

In the earlier pilot episode “The Cage,” Dr. Boyce was the chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise. He was famous for making Captain Pike warm martinis and dropping some good advice. We realize Dr. Boyce must have left the Enterprise sometime between the original series and the events of Discovery, mostly because Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy permanently replaces him.

Still, it’s possible Dr. Boyce is still onboard. Don’t feel a passing reference to Boyce is possible? Well, in Star Trek Into Darkness, Boyce’s name was right on a screen as the physician for Captain Kirk after all of the happenings with the Cumberbatch-Khan situation. When it comes to Star Trek, the fact of the matter is you just never know.


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