Original Star Trek Characters Who Can Be a Part of Star Trek: Discovery (Part IV)


This really feels quite likely. Even if Sulu isn’t referenced or isn’t in the final two episodes of Discovery’s second season, the idea that he’s already on the Enterprise feels right. In, “Brother,” the first episode of Discovery’s second season, Stamets says he knows an

Star Trek fans can welcome some of their favorite characters back aboard the ship in this season of Star Trek: Discovery.

“ethnobotanist” on the Enterprise.

In the original series, Sulu is completely obsessed with botany, specifically in the episode “The Man Trap.” Also, “Where No Man Has Gone Before” establishes that Sulu has had one other position on the Enterprise before becoming the helmsman. In “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” Sulu was the head of the astrophysics department.



Of all the characters who could be on the Enterprise in the second season of Star Trek: Discovery, Uhura would be the baddest. In terms of on-screen canon, we truly don’t know much about what Uhura was doing in Starfleet before joining the Enterprise in The Original Series. It’s not weird to think she was on the Enterprise during the transition between Pike and Kirk.

Like Sulu, it seems like the department Uhura worked for altered a tiny bit during her early years on the Enterprise. In “The Corbomite Maneuver,” Uhura wears gold, signifying she’s in the command section. However, for the rest of the series, Uhura sports the red of the operations sections.

Again, like Sulu, did Uhura have a completely different job on the Enterprise before Kirk taking over? If so, having Uhura on Discovery would be the nicest treat for Trekkies.



Seeing Spock

During an interview, Sonequa Martin-Green stated the show would include more young Michael flashbacks during the season. While her admission isn’t corroboration that Spock will cameo, it does imply a younger version of the iconic Vulcan will show up on Discovery at some point.

Not only would fans go crazy, but his presence implies another connection between the latest Trek and its predecessors.



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