Star Trek and Computer Programmers

Star Trek, for being a program about the far-off future and amazingly high-tech equipment, sure looks to be missing plenty of computer programmers.

With technology as multifaceted as it is, where are the starship computer programmers liable for preventing any breakdowns on ships like the Enterprise? More precisely, we hear lots of references to having to ‘program in’ certain things. In one episode, a captain is discouraged that the Enterprise doesn’t have an Earl Grey Tea program in it. We see plenty of holodeck programming happening, but is all of this programming done clearly by the member of the crew who just wants a cup of tea or a nice walk along the ocean?


There are numerous episodes including computer geniuses who have come up with new programs that the plot centers on.

Dr Zimmerman is accountable for creating the software for the emergency medical hologram. He works at Jupiter station. His job title is clearly stated as Director of Holographic Imaging and Programming.

In one episode, four programmers 11, 00, 10 and 01, are aboard the Enterprise to execute an upgrade to the ship’s computer and holodeck systems.

Concerning programmers, there’s a vague reference in one episode of the ship having a bathroom for programmers. The room looked to be connected to the main engineering room

What it really means to compose a program in future centuries is up for discussion. There’s not lots of time spent on the real writing of the programs. It is that they’re written.

For what we know it’s just a matter of saying, “Computer! and it is done. The computer takes the blame for any bad English & grammar and composes the program. Then you turn to everyone, smile, and say out loud, I’ve written a program.” This is what will make you a computer programmer.

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