Star Trek and Fashion? Yes!

It’s simple to think of the fashion of Star Trek exclusively as the brightly colored, form-

A Fashionable Future?

fitting uniform preferred by Federation Starfleet. Iconic costume designing is burned into the collective mind, and has over time been rethought for spin-offs and movies, as well as Comic Con. Different from Star Wars, you’re doubtful to find Spock on a Rodarte dress, or the obvious runway shout-outs that shout product placement. The Trek impact is understated. It’s less about color-blocked spandex and a mandarin collar and more about an examination of futurism that challenges conventions.

Any Trekkie will tell you that Star Trek isn’t just a show concerning space exploration. Captain Kirk and his crew devote alot of their time traveling through the galaxy in search of new civilizations. But the “to boldly go” refrain said at the start of each episode is an open-ended call to action.

The series’ goals focus on navigating the Milky Way and increasing the horizons of human understanding, pushing past predetermined notions, and arriving in unexplored territory with the purpose of testing accepted norms. Star Trek’s cultural impact comes in part from its commitment to break the rules that outlined television during its era. The show’s multi-racial cast, stories tackling social issues, and concepts of a future defined by its all-inclusiveness were all revolutionary. Even more so when you understand that most of those problems are still open to debate today.

The costumes extended from those now well-known uniforms to bizarre wares that reflected the spirit of the ’60s, mod touches and psychedelic prints weren’t unusual.

The variation of adventures the crew got themselves into varied with the fashion. Crop tops and thigh-high boots indicating a shift into a mirror universe. Rawhide and furs for a trip to a primitive planet. A metallic mini-dress because, well, why not?

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