Star Trek and Its Adorable Pets

It might be heartening to know that based on Star Trek, pets will remain to being a huge part of the lives of humans or anybody else in the future.

Pets can give emotional support to the unfaltering Vulcan. They can melt the heart of the most no-nonsense captain. They can offer serenity, companionship, and cuddles. In the case of the random villain, they can help with whatever evil needs to take place.

So, let’s celebrate pets with the best pets on Star Trek.


After Barclay goes to the Pathfinder Project on Earth, he gets a cat and calls it Neelix in

Enjoying Ice Cream

reference to the Talaxian crew member. Neelix loves when Deanna Troi comes to visit Barclay, mainly because he gets to take some of her chocolate ice cream. Even future cats are full opportunists.

Pyrithian Bat

Dr. Phlox has a Pyrithian bat and while pondering the human empathy for pets, he realizes that he has gotten some feelings of affection for his bat. He talks to it.

Lycosian Tarantula named Christina

Chief O’Brien speaks to Lt. Barclay about his fear of spiders in a bid to identify with Barclay about his fear of transporters. He later presents his pet Christina, a Lycosian tarantula to Barclay. Christina gets on Barclay’s arm while Miles goes to get a drink. Though Barclay has no fear of spiders, he really wants her to get off his arm.

 Monster Dog

There is maybe no pet more loyal than Klingon Commander Kruge’s companion. Frequently confused with the more famous Klingon pet, Kruge’s pet was really credited as a ‘monster dog.’ If you desire to work your way up the ranks the Klingon way, you must deal with this so-ugly-it’s cute scowling beast before you put your knife into Kruge’s back. That’s some true devotion right there.

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