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The Philosophy and Star Trek course at Georgetown University is every Trekker’s dream who is a college student. The course is offered as an introduction to epistemology philosophy and metaphysics. But, these topics are discussed as philosophical issues come up when the show’s cast ventures into places “where no man has gone before.” Besides watching episodes of “Star Trek,” the class also reads philosophical writings and discuss questions like “Is there time travel?”

If you’d like to take a more religious approach to the popular sci-fi show, you can register for Star Trek and Religion at Indiana University. The class watches Star Trek and then studies the show’s religious themes.

Syracuse University professor Anthony Rotolo takes his students where no class has gone before.

For the first time in its 5-year history, Rotolo’s Star Trek class will be offered to the public for free. Fans across the nation can sign up for the online course which will run during the fall semester.

Overwhelming interest in the class has seen enrollment rise at warp speed. According to Professor Rotolo, about 2500 people have already registered.

He thinks that Star Trek has the capability to reach people, even those who haven’t watched one episode. He also feels it’s a very unique type of show. It’s highly intelligent show and has very endearing characters. There’s something for everyone in it.

First introduced to Syracuse in 2010, #TrekClass has given enrolled students the chance to explore the human experience through the lens of the show. Sessions have been shown at the NASA Johnson Space Center, the South by Southwest Festival, and on stage at the Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, reaching thousands of fans.

The course first began as a part of the iSchool, where Rotolo initially concentrated on connecting depictions of technology in Star Trek with the realities of technology in the 21st Century.


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