Star Trek: Discovery Review

Star Trek: Discovery isn’t going to be liked by everyone, but that’s the beauty of Star Trek.

From the first series to The Enterprise and everything in between, Star Trek has succeeded in altering itself with each new iteration, giving a sense of undiscovered wonderment besides a fresh-faced crew. Star Trek: Discovery is one of the more movielike versions of the Star Trek universe. It’s more in common with Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek film than it does with the 1st series. Discovery is like the rebirth of a franchise, similar to the way Star Wars: The Force Awakens did for Star Wars. It doesn’t back away from brazenly going where no Star Trek series has gone before.

Most folks and die-hard Trekkers like Discovery. The show achieves its objective of bringing a new age of space exploration to TV in its 1st two episodes. The most remarkable and noticeable feature of the series so far is the visual effects. Giant battles in the black sky pulsate. Orange and yellow flares spark hazardously when a ship takes damage. Holograms shimmy in the unicolor rooms that line the U.S.S. Shinzou. The visual effects are great and some worried that having to stream the series through CBS All Access would ruin the experience. It didn’t. Nonetheless, Discovery is the type of show that should only be viewed on a TV in which the higher the resolution, the better.

The acting in the beginning episodes are hit and miss. Some actors and actresses hit the mark, some didn’t. Martin-Green is a stand-out actress, joined by Frain and Jones. These three actors provided the strongest performances throughout every episode, with the chemistry between Burnham and Saru’s relationship offering the comedic relief the series needs in its most forceful moments. For those Trekkers who haven’t checked out Discovery yet, give it a try.

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