Star Trek Fans Article from 1989

When you have such specialized followers like Star Trek has influenced, sometimes the media emphasis goes from the program to the followers; besides, they are enjoyable to discuss. This moment I’m highlighting an old write-up in the Charleston Gazette from Friday, June 23, 1989, about the participants of the regional fan club in nearby West Virginia, in the town of Huntington closed to where I used to live then.

charleston_fans_page_01These people obviously had a whole lot more guts than I would certainly have, to appear in a paper image in costume. I was even more of a storage room Traveler, having been forced there of requirement by my step-dad while I was living at home. Even after marrying and out on my very own in 1981, few co-workers or casual acquaintances understood of my passions. I am not saying that I was any less interested than the fans in this article; I merely maintained my pleasure to myself. However, I did attend a number of conferences of their club, and also a convention that was in Charleston where Marina Sirtis and Walter Koenig were the visitor celebrities. Star Trek: The Next Generation had actually premiered in 1987 and also public passion was high.

On this front page, there are really 2 articles. These articles continue onto other pages as well. One of the articles is about the fans of Star Trek, and the other one focuses on the franchise.

I bet getting the girl in the mobility device in place for the photo at the regional strip mining site was tough. If you were a part of the Charleston or Huntington fan club or are one of the fans in the picture, and also simply even resided in the area as well as keep in mind the activity, leave a remark, I wish to speak with you!

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