Star Trek Season 2 DVD Review

Leonard Nimoy & William Shatner: 1968

The Star Trek (Season 2) DVD has plenty of action-packed episodes, like the first episode called “Amok Time” where Spock starts to showcase weird and illogical characteristics. Worried, Capt. Kirk demands a full medical exam and finds out that Spock is having the primitive mating patterns of a Vulcan and must go to his home planet quickly in order to avoid dying. When they arrive, Spock’s chosen mate defies the pairing, causing a duel between Spock and the man of her selecting. Kirk is chosen and this force him and Spock to fight to the death. Other noteworthy episodes from Season 2 are “Metamorphosis,” where the Enterprise comes across a secretive force known as The Companion which is in love with a human and “Patterns of Force,” where the Enterprise crew visits a planet that looks a lot like the world of 20th Century Nazi Germany.

Here is a list of episodes included on DVD Star Trek-Season 2:

Episode 30 (Amok Time)
Episode 31 (Who Mourns for Adonais?)
Episode 32 (The Changeling)
Episode 33 (Mirror, Mirror)
Episode 34 (The Apple)

Episode 35 (The Doomsday Machine)
Episode 36 (Catspaw)
Episode 37 (I, Mudd)

Episode 38 (Metamorphosis)

Episode 39 (Journey to Babel)

Episode 40 (Friday’s Child)

Episode 41 (The Deadly Years)
Episode 42 (Obsession)
Episode 43 (Wolf in the Fold)
Episode 44 (The Trouble with Tribbles)
Episode 45 (The Gamesters of Triskelion)
Episode 46 (A Piece of the Action)
Episode 47 (The Immunity Syndrome)
Episode 48 (A Private Little War)
Episode 49 (Return to Tomorrow)
Episode 50 (Patterns of Force)
Episode 51 (By Any Other Name)
Episode 52 (The Omega Glory)
Episode 53 (The Ultimate Computer)
Episode 54 (Bread and Circuses)
Episode 55 (Assignment: Earth)

If you don’t have a DVD player, you can go to some places online, such as iTunes, Hulu, or Amazon, and purchase it there.

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