Star Trek: The Next Generation

star_trek_the_next_generation_365_coverStar Trek : The Next Generation is another great series written by Gene Roddenberry. This series ran from 1987 to 1994. This involves the Star Ship Enterprise in the year 2364, 100 years after the first series five year mission which was depicted in 2264. It has a brand new cast and a new Star Ship. It premiered September 28th, 1987 with 27 million viewers. It had 176 episodes and then ended May 23rd, 1994 with a two hour finale. It became the first and only TV series to be nominated for Prime time Emmy award for outstanding Drama Series. It also got 19 Emmy Awards, Five Saturn Awards, a Peabody award, and two Hugo Awards. Needless to say this show was a hit.

This Enterprise is commanded by a new Captain, Jean-Luc Picard. They also explore strange new worlds and fight off enemies. It concentrated on saving humanity and the extinction of mankind. In their adventures, Picard and crew are forced with face to face consequences, of difficult choices. Paramount received 1 million in advertising per episode, so the Next Generation was a definite hit. This show was contracted for eight seasons, but Paramount ended it in seven. This was a big disappointment for viewers and really confused the actors. The reason behind all this was it became too expensive due to high cast pay and lower price per episode. It was also intended to encourage viewers to watch Deep Space Nine and Voyager both of which was cheaper to make.

Soon the ratings dropped and it only ranked number 2 between Home Improvement and Seinfeld. These episodes were first available on VHS in 1991. It was then put on Laser Disc. The first DVD became available in March 2002. The entire seasons are available in a 41 disc box on Blue Ray. This was the largest film restoration ever attempted. Gene Roddenberry was the first person ever to be cremated and shot into space.

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