Star Trek’s Twelve Most Lovable Pets (Part II)


Commander Kruge’s Monster Dog

There is maybe no pet more devoted than Klingon Commander Kruge’s bridge companion from Star Trek III. Frequently confused with the more famous Klingon pet, the Targ, Kruge’s pet was credited as a ‘monster dog.’ If you desire to work your way up the ranks in the classic Klingon fashion, you must deal with this so-ugly-it-was-cute snarling beast before you put your knife into Kruge’s back.

Khan Noonian Singh’s Ceti Eels

Ceti Eels, as introduced by Khan himself, are “…Ceti Alpha V’s only enduring indigenous lifeform.” While calling them pets, Khan acknowledges they aren’t really domesticated. Though, they are very useful for a little coercion with the ear canal.

Captain Janeway’s dog Mollie

Captain Janeway rescued Mollie the Irish Setter from a pound on Taurus Seti 4. Previous to her assignment to the Voyager, Janeway wanted her then-fiancee Mark Johnson to take care of the dog, who was close to giving birth to puppies.

Captain Picard’s fish Livingston

Livingston is a lionfish Captain Picard has in his ready room in a spherical aquarium. The fish appears to be a source of fascination for visitors like Hugh of Borg and even the unflappable Q. Incredibly, Livingston’s aquarium and Livingston lived after the crash of the Enterprise-D on the planet Veridian. Livingston the fish was named for David Livingston, the Star Trek director, and producer.

Porthos was a loyal companion to Captain Archer.

 Captain Archer’s dog Porthos

Porthos, Captain Archer’s beagle, goes with him from Earth to the Enterprise. T’Pol, with her Vulcan nose, has a hard time being around Porthos because of his doggy smell. Luckily, Dr. Phlox can create a nasal numbing agent so she can be around the dog and his smitten owner. Porthos has a special love for cheese but has issues digesting it. Like many owners, though, Captain Archer can’t say no to those puppy dog eyes.

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