The Future of Star Trek

For a little while, the future of Star Trek has been unclear. But could new announcements give the franchise a much-needed boost? After the update that longtime writer Alex Kurtzman is going to be the showrunner for Star Trek: Discovery, reports state that he has also gotten a new contract with CBS.

This brings plenty of amazing possibilities for the franchise. After being off the air for years with the cancellation of Enterprise, Star Trek came back to TV last year. In spite of the reactions for Discovery, fans were happy to see the show back on television. And with this show, we could see other shows airing for the first time in over 15 years.

With Discovery in its 2nd season and Kurtzman getting the new deal, things could be on the up. While it’s not verified, sources state that many new shows are being contemplated.

There is a Starfleet Academy series written by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. A hypothesis that will possibly be well-known to anyone fascinated by the numerous undeveloped projects. What is happening on the Starfleet Academy has been seen via non-main characters like Nog and Wesley Crusher. The best one was in Abrams’ first Star Trek film. This concept has gone through several iterations, such as early versions of both TNG and Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

The head honchos have now honed their skills in the teen superhero sector with Marvel’s Runaways, making them perfect choices to handle a story about future Starfleet officers.

There is also a partial series with connections to the everyone’s fav Star Trek movie, which is Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Presently, it’s not clear what precisely the story would revolve around. With Trek, there are plenty of options.

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