The Most Powerful Star Trek Villains (Part I)

At its best, Star Trek is a science fiction show regarding humanity’s capability to develop its horizons and overcome differences. But all that would be quite boring without some good villains to destroy. Trek’s bad guys have been a various bag, varying from the laughable to real terrifying, like The Borg.

The Gorn

We would probably find ourselves having to be in the witness protection program if the Gorn wasn’t on this list. While many Star Trek villains are serious masterminds hell-bent on overpowering the known galaxy, the Gorn are the exact opposite. These angry lizard-men have lived in infamy since showing up in 1967. The most drawn-out antagonist ever created, the Gorn wear amazing space-foil vests and haven’t blinked in almost 50 years.


General Chang

Anyone who wears an eye-patch is suspect. Anyone who sports an eye-patch that is

General Chang (portrayed by actor Christopher Plummer)

screwed into their face shouldn’t ever be trusted under no circumstances. Slippery and scheming, Chang serves as a good foil to the Gorn in the context of this list. Where the Gorn are all about raw power and aggression, Chang is highly intelligent and manipulative. That’s the attractiveness of Klingon General Chang. He understands the only way to kill the Federation-Klingon truce is from the inside out and isn’t afraid to do a little thing like murder to get the ball rolling.


Arguably the most powerful and crazy being in the entire Star Trek universe, Q is a time-traveling, dimension-skipping, immortal/amoral pain in the ass. He’s a member of the omnipotent and god-like species, also known as The Q, who live on the Q Continuum. Q never really lived up to his full villainous potential. He showed up periodically to mess with Picard & Co. and show them all how powerful he can be if he really wanted to.

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