The Most Powerful Star Trek Villians (Part II)

Picking up where we left off in Part I:


Only their desire to bring isolation stop the Tholians from being one of the greatest threats in the galaxy. This extremely advanced race of crystalized space-spiders has accomplished notoriety thanks to their amazing battle weapon, the Tholian Web. Scheming and territorial, the Tholians have gone into nearby systems and defeated the lifeforms within. They have exceptional technology and tactics to get rid of potential threats, though they seem more into making their own “safe space” than having intergalactic domination.




Starfleet thought the Talosian race was such a threat to humans that it declared their whole world off-limits. Those who disregarded the warning and made contact with the planet Talos IV were endanger of the death penalty.

This race of dome-headed villains have tremendous psychic powers and are famous for trapping their victims in fantasy hallucinations.



The Jem’Hadar

These rhino-faced warriors are the only race able of making Klingons look like super models. Used as shock troops by the Dominion, the Jem’Hadar are genetically engineered to deliver death and destruction wherever they go. They depend on the highly-addictive drug Ketracel to stimulate their murderous ways and live by a simple saying: “Victory is Life.” Jem’Hadar soldiers are way stronger than an average human and can activate an active camouflage-type cloak, making them invisible to the naked eye.

The Xindi

The Xindi’s attack on Earth was brought on by false intelligence (given by the sphere-builders), though that doesn’t free them of blame. Cruel in their attempts to eliminate humanity, the Xindi were even willing to go back in time and use potent bio-weapons. If the joined forces of good hadn’t been incredible detectives with good timing, Earth could have been wiped out numerous times across numerous timelines.

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