The Starship Enterprise

I absolutely loved this show as a child. We even played games, a friend of mine and me, pretending that we were on the Starship and exploring new lands. Back then all we had was our imaginations. The first series from 1966 to 1967 was produced by Norway and Desilu Productions and Paramount TV from 68 to 69. We all loved watching Captain James T Kirk (William Shatner) defending the galaxy from the aliens that sought out to kill us. I loved the way they would use the transporter to beam them down into unknown lands and planets. My favorite is still saying “Beam me up, Scotty.”

320x240I was never much of a Trekkie, that’s a Star trek super fan. I just always loved Leonard Nimoy (Spock). He was the intelligent one. What a lot of people don’t know is that this show was almost never produced. Gene Roddenberry, the writer of Star Trek, was in a plane crash in 1947. He was on a plane that had to make a crash landing in the Syrian Desert. Fourteen people died that day, but he only suffered some broken ribs and helped pull people from the wreckage of the plane that was split into.

When the show first aired some of the people weren’t pleased with a green man, a Vulcan with pointed ears, never the less this show was a major hit and also became three movies. The first movie, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, became the first movie to tie in with McDonald happy meals. The Klingon language was heard first in a McDonald’s commercial. Captain Kirk was known as a skirt chaser, because he always got the girl. This show aired well into the 70’s and became a culture all on it’s own. There are books, toys and games. It’s also considered one of the most popular and influential series of all time.

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