Top Star Trek Toys, Props, and Models (Part I)


Scratch your collector itch and get yourself some branded and licensed plastic lifestyle Star Trek goodies!

These toys are every Star Trek fan’s dream.

1:350 Scale Enterprise Model

If you’re a modeler, this is the replica kit to own. The completed USS Starship Enterprise is more than 32 inches long but more remarkable than the size is the amazing detail. There’s even an optional lighting kit that will make the portholes glow. Also, this can serve as your holiday dinner centerpiece.

DST Communicator & Phaser

If you are on the outskirts of space, you’re going to need these bad boys. Talk with fellow shipmates with the Communicator and stun your enemies with the Phaser. Diamond Select Toys is famous for its incredible replicas.


A 1:1 replica of the best and most liked Klingon battle weapon, made of aluminum and finished with real leather. Phasers? Earthling gibberish. Hand-to-hand blade combat to the death is what truly makes a warrior.


These hairy, little creatures are completely adorable. Buy lots of them, throw them on your bed, jump into their furriness, then damn their existence. Loads of fun!

TNG Communicator Badge

Display your allegiance to the best

Custom Uniform Shirt

Send in your measurements and two weeks later you’ll have a custom-sewn velour replica uniform dress or shirt, complete with insignia and rank. Choose a redshirt for Scotty, a gold for Kirk, or a red dress for Uhura.

TOS Insignia Patch

Represent your division: medical, science, engineering, or starship command.

DST Retro Cloth Figures

The vintage 8-inch action figures from Mego are quite collectible, and Spock and Kirk are the most popular. Though, the plastic on these 40 plus-year-old toys is decomposing. So, get yourself some modern-day ones from Diamond Select Toys where you can choose from any number of characters.




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