What You Need to Know about Klingons

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Klingons are one of the most famous Star Trek alien races. Over the years, they’ve changed from deceiving villains to decent allies. Now, with Star Trek: Discovery, they’re turning into spiritual warriors once more, on opposite sides with our heroes. Here’s what you need to understand about them.

Klingons have been one of the most constant elements of Star Trek. They made their entrance in the 1st season of the original show and have since been seen on all spinoffs, like Discovery. Not to mention the Trek films too.

The Klingons first met by Kirk and his crew way back in 67 and were extremely different from the Klingons we see today, both in their characterization and physical appearance. Planned as a Soviet parallel to the Federation’s US, the first Klingons were regarded as inferior to the Federation’s principles in every manner. The Klingons were a violent, hateful, and crafty race, ethically corrupt and willing to whatever to get their way, particularly if it meant having the upper hand against the Federation, their rivals in an interstellar cold war.

The Klingons are the most identifiable alien race in the universe of Star Trek. Those distinguishing mud skin tone, head ridges, and goatee beards for the men and sneering countenances are what instantly comes to mind.

Yet down the line, the Klingons have experienced numerous updates. Some fairly subtle, others very extreme. As Star Trek: Discovery puts us into Star Trek’s new era, we’ve seen plenty of the most fundamental changes yet.

Just take a look at the past and present episodes of Star Trek to view the real substantial stages in Klingon evolution. You can also take a look at how universal and canonical decrees have tried to make sense of those changes. But Klingons are here to stay.

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