Why Do Vulcans Look Like Humans?

Human life, scattered to other planets by an extraterrestrial society, could explain why many of the aliens in Star Trek look like human women and men.

After reviewing scenes from the numerous films and shows, someone said that the wide

Alien vs Human

distribution of Earth-based life forms could aid in explaining the similarity between Spock & Kirk.

The model disregards things like the variance in heart placement, perhaps doubtful, or the Vulcan copper, instead of human iron-based, blood, also unlikely. This comes from a scientist at UNC. The overall belief is more possible than the idea that the species grew completely autonomously to look almost the same after billions of years.

Life on Earth might not have began on the planet itself. Scientists have long contemplated the option of panspermia, the impression that our planet’s life came from outer space. After wandering unplanned, into the habitable setting, the seed material might have settled into life as we know it today.

A similar idea was explored in an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” An ancient alien species was exposed to have seeded many planets with the same genetic material. Over years, comparable plants, animals and humanoids established on a variety of worlds, based on the story given in the episode.

But some don’t buy it. Even with identical conditions, the likelihood of plants & animals with alike appearances able to breed with humans, evolving on numerous worlds from only genetic material is very low. With the passage of lots of time, the numerous worlds would advance creatures very different from one another.

By the show’s model, we are factually more closely related to an amoeba or grass than we are to a Vulcan, state some research and studies. I can’t see us having children with another species. Then again, you never know.

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