Star Trek Destinations Chosen by NASA Scientists

What would happen if the Starship Enterprise crew gave the controls to NASA scientists and engineers? It turns out several are true Star Trek fans with lengthy itineraries in mind. We asked a few of them to choose their favorite destinations in the Star Trek universe.


The inhabitant for the pointy-eared Vulcans including Spock, Vulcan is thought of like a hotter, bigger planet than Earth, with a thinner atmosphere and stronger gravity. Mountainous and desert expanses are interspersed with seas. The planet appeared in many Star Trek movies and series episodes.


Another Trek M-class planet famous for its engineered tropical climate and its welcoming humanoid population. This earned it a reputation as a “pleasure planet” from the United Federation of Planets which Risa is also a member. Crew members from the “Next Generation,” “Deep Space Nine” and “Enterprise” series all have visited there.


“Star Trek: Into Darkness” has Dr. McCoy and Captain Kirk running from chalk-skinned aliens in a red jungle. This is planet Nibiru. In the 2nd installment of the Star Trek films, Kirk interferes, once again, with a primitive culture, even if it is to save their lives.

Wolf 359

A star famous in the Star Trek universe as the place of a fierce battle in which many of “Star Trek: Next Generation” ships are destroyed by the Borg. You might or might not know this but Wolf 359 is really a star and is one of the nearest to Earth at a distance of about 7.8 light-years.


Planet Earth was another famous planet it Star Trek.

In the Star Trek universe, Earth is home to Starfleet Headquarters. The real Earth is, as we currently know, the only life-bearing world we know. Earth comes back again and again in Star Trek films and series in many guises, from the 60s to the 80s.

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