Top Star Trek Toys, Props, and Models (Part II)


The Klingon Dictionary

If you’re going to command that an enemy “surrender or die,” then you’d better get your diction right.

TR-590 MK 9 Science Tricorder

This replica prop is not just incredibly accurate, but it also makes the appropriate sound effects and lights up. No more walking around with your iPhone going “bloop beep weee-ooh” when you want to play doctor.

Gorn Action Figure

All the ReAction figures are quite cool. For a recommendation, go for Gorn.

Hot Wheels Klingon Bird of Prey

Hot Wheels makes a Klingon Bird of Prey.

Do keep in mind the whole thing about being little cars. Hot Wheels creates some really decent Trek stuff, and the Klingon BOP is a great example. The wings fold just like the real thing, though the cloaking device will cost you plenty more extra.

Playmates Klingon Disruptor

You’ll have to log into eBay for this vintage toy from the 1990s, but the cool sound effects it makes are worth the aggravation of all the sniping, hunting, and bidding.

Enterprise Bridge Playset

The most ultimate. This replica of the original Mego set from the ’70s functions with any figure built to the scale of the originals, as most of the present “retro” toys are.

Tri-D Chess Set

This remake of the original Franklin Mint Tri-D chess set from the 90s will set you back a pretty penny. But it’s created with real gold and silver. It might seem that a chess set will make you appear extra nerdy? But when it comes down to the meat and gravy, who cares?

Collar Pips

Insignia pins are okay. But true Trekkie fans get collar pips.

Kirk’s Mug

This one’s unofficial, but it’s the best thing and closest replica out there to Kirk’s coffee mug from Star Trek Beyond.

It doesn’t matter the dollar amount or what your budget is, you can get one of these treasures!


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