Star Trek Destinations Chosen by NASA Scientists

What would happen if the Starship Enterprise crew gave the controls to NASA scientists and engineers? It turns out several are true Star Trek fans with lengthy itineraries in mind. We asked a few of them to choose their favorite destinations in the Star Trek universe.


The inhabitant for the pointy-eared Vulcans including Spock, Vulcan is thought of like a hotter, bigger planet than Earth, with a thinner atmosphere and stronger gravity. Mountainous and desert expanses are interspersed with seas. The planet appeared in many Star Trek movies and series episodes.


Another Trek M-class planet famous for its engineered tropical climate and its welcoming humanoid population. This earned it a reputation as a “pleasure planet” from the United Federation of Planets which Risa is also a member. Crew members from the “Next Generation,” “Deep Space Nine” and “Enterprise” series all have visited there.


“Star Trek: Into Darkness” has Dr. McCoy and Captain Kirk running from chalk-skinned aliens in a red jungle. This is planet Nibiru. In the 2nd installment of the Star Trek films, Kirk interferes, once again, with a primitive culture, even if it is to save their lives.

Wolf 359

A star famous in the Star Trek universe as the place of a fierce battle in which many of “Star Trek: Next Generation” ships are destroyed by the Borg. You might or might not know this but Wolf 359 is really a star and is one of the nearest to Earth at a distance of about 7.8 light-years.


Planet Earth was another famous planet it Star Trek.

In the Star Trek universe, Earth is home to Starfleet Headquarters. The real Earth is, as we currently know, the only life-bearing world we know. Earth comes back again and again in Star Trek films and series in many guises, from the 60s to the 80s.

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Top Star Trek Toys, Props, and Models (Part II)


The Klingon Dictionary

If you’re going to command that an enemy “surrender or die,” then you’d better get your diction right.

TR-590 MK 9 Science Tricorder

This replica prop is not just incredibly accurate, but it also makes the appropriate sound effects and lights up. No more walking around with your iPhone going “bloop beep weee-ooh” when you want to play doctor.

Gorn Action Figure

All the ReAction figures are quite cool. For a recommendation, go for Gorn.

Hot Wheels Klingon Bird of Prey

Hot Wheels makes a Klingon Bird of Prey.

Do keep in mind the whole thing about being little cars. Hot Wheels creates some really decent Trek stuff, and the Klingon BOP is a great example. The wings fold just like the real thing, though the cloaking device will cost you plenty more extra.

Playmates Klingon Disruptor

You’ll have to log into eBay for this vintage toy from the 1990s, but the cool sound effects it makes are worth the aggravation of all the sniping, hunting, and bidding.

Enterprise Bridge Playset

The most ultimate. This replica of the original Mego set from the ’70s functions with any figure built to the scale of the originals, as most of the present “retro” toys are.

Tri-D Chess Set

This remake of the original Franklin Mint Tri-D chess set from the 90s will set you back a pretty penny. But it’s created with real gold and silver. It might seem that a chess set will make you appear extra nerdy? But when it comes down to the meat and gravy, who cares?

Collar Pips

Insignia pins are okay. But true Trekkie fans get collar pips.

Kirk’s Mug

This one’s unofficial, but it’s the best thing and closest replica out there to Kirk’s coffee mug from Star Trek Beyond.

It doesn’t matter the dollar amount or what your budget is, you can get one of these treasures!


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Top Star Trek Toys, Props, and Models (Part I)


Scratch your collector itch and get yourself some branded and licensed plastic lifestyle Star Trek goodies!

These toys are every Star Trek fan’s dream.

1:350 Scale Enterprise Model

If you’re a modeler, this is the replica kit to own. The completed USS Starship Enterprise is more than 32 inches long but more remarkable than the size is the amazing detail. There’s even an optional lighting kit that will make the portholes glow. Also, this can serve as your holiday dinner centerpiece.

DST Communicator & Phaser

If you are on the outskirts of space, you’re going to need these bad boys. Talk with fellow shipmates with the Communicator and stun your enemies with the Phaser. Diamond Select Toys is famous for its incredible replicas.


A 1:1 replica of the best and most liked Klingon battle weapon, made of aluminum and finished with real leather. Phasers? Earthling gibberish. Hand-to-hand blade combat to the death is what truly makes a warrior.


These hairy, little creatures are completely adorable. Buy lots of them, throw them on your bed, jump into their furriness, then damn their existence. Loads of fun!

TNG Communicator Badge

Display your allegiance to the best

Custom Uniform Shirt

Send in your measurements and two weeks later you’ll have a custom-sewn velour replica uniform dress or shirt, complete with insignia and rank. Choose a redshirt for Scotty, a gold for Kirk, or a red dress for Uhura.

TOS Insignia Patch

Represent your division: medical, science, engineering, or starship command.

DST Retro Cloth Figures

The vintage 8-inch action figures from Mego are quite collectible, and Spock and Kirk are the most popular. Though, the plastic on these 40 plus-year-old toys is decomposing. So, get yourself some modern-day ones from Diamond Select Toys where you can choose from any number of characters.




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Star Trek’s Twelve Most Lovable Pets (Part II)


Commander Kruge’s Monster Dog

There is maybe no pet more devoted than Klingon Commander Kruge’s bridge companion from Star Trek III. Frequently confused with the more famous Klingon pet, the Targ, Kruge’s pet was credited as a ‘monster dog.’ If you desire to work your way up the ranks in the classic Klingon fashion, you must deal with this so-ugly-it-was-cute snarling beast before you put your knife into Kruge’s back.

Khan Noonian Singh’s Ceti Eels

Ceti Eels, as introduced by Khan himself, are “…Ceti Alpha V’s only enduring indigenous lifeform.” While calling them pets, Khan acknowledges they aren’t really domesticated. Though, they are very useful for a little coercion with the ear canal.

Captain Janeway’s dog Mollie

Captain Janeway rescued Mollie the Irish Setter from a pound on Taurus Seti 4. Previous to her assignment to the Voyager, Janeway wanted her then-fiancee Mark Johnson to take care of the dog, who was close to giving birth to puppies.

Captain Picard’s fish Livingston

Livingston is a lionfish Captain Picard has in his ready room in a spherical aquarium. The fish appears to be a source of fascination for visitors like Hugh of Borg and even the unflappable Q. Incredibly, Livingston’s aquarium and Livingston lived after the crash of the Enterprise-D on the planet Veridian. Livingston the fish was named for David Livingston, the Star Trek director, and producer.

Porthos was a loyal companion to Captain Archer.

 Captain Archer’s dog Porthos

Porthos, Captain Archer’s beagle, goes with him from Earth to the Enterprise. T’Pol, with her Vulcan nose, has a hard time being around Porthos because of his doggy smell. Luckily, Dr. Phlox can create a nasal numbing agent so she can be around the dog and his smitten owner. Porthos has a special love for cheese but has issues digesting it. Like many owners, though, Captain Archer can’t say no to those puppy dog eyes.

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Star Trek’s Twelve Most Lovable Pets (Part I)


It may be comforting to realize that according to Star Trek, pets will constantly be very much a part of the lives of humans (or whoever) even in the future.

Pets offer emotional support to a loyal Vulcan. They can warm the heart of the strictest captain. They can give serenity, beauty, cuddles, companionship, or in the case of the villain, they can help with whatever evil needs doing.

Reginald Barclay’s cat Neelix

After Barclay goes to the Pathfinder Project back on Earth, he gets a cat and names it Neelix after the Talaxian crew member on the Voyager. Neelix the cat loves it when Deanna Troi comes to see Barclay, mostly because he gets to eat some of her chocolate ice cream. Even future cats are complete opportunists!

Dr. Phlox’s Pyrithian bat

Many Star Trek characters had pets and Dr. Phlox had a bat.

Dr. Phlox has a Pyrithian bat, and while thinking about the human affinity for pets, he realizes that he himself, a Denobulan, has acquired some affection for his bat. He also talks to it.

Miles O’Brien’s Lycosian tarantula Christina

Chief O’Brien speaks with Lt. Barclay about his fear of spiders in an effort to sympathize with Barclay about his dread of transporters. He later presents his pet Christina the Lycosian tarantula to Barclay. Christina gets onto Barclay’s arm while Miles is getting a drink. Though Barclay has no phobia of spiders, he sort of wants her to get off his arm.

Mr. Scott’s tribble

Mr. Scott has a tribble in a cage at the Starfleet outpost at Delta Vega. The little one is no bigger than an Easter egg for fans of the original Star Trek series, but it’s really adorable. And, of course, we will see even more tribbles in Star Trek Into Darkness when the furballs are a much-needed inspiration for McCoy to save the day in the end.


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What Do the Different Uniform Colors Mean on Star Trek (Part II)?

The “gold” uniforms were supposed to be green.

Ah, those gold shirts donned by Kirk and crew? Well, they may not have been that gold after all. Based on an interview with Star Trek’s costume designer, William Theiss, the point was for the show’s uniforms to be green, red, and blue. In actuality, on the set, Kirk’s uniform appeared to be green or avocado. Though, it looked somewhat different when the studio lights hit the uniform.

Theiss stated, “it looks burnt orange or gold in pictures. But in reality, it was another. The command shirts were no doubt green.”

This may come as a surprise to Trek fans until you recall that Kirk did wear green on a couple of occasions such as the times he was in formal dress and his barely seen alternate green uniform.

Alternate Uniforms

These alternate uniforms were all the precise shade of green, but they were fabricated from a different material than the normal Enterprise shirts and obviously had no problem keeping their natural color scheme when under the set lights. The gold shade might have been a production mishap, but the color has since been put in the Trek canon as the official color of Kirk and his command staff.

It becomes confusing when you see the later Trek series, like The Next Generation, which had the command staff in red and operations in yellow, the reverse of the original series. Then, of course, the films switched colors and costumes with practically every entry, including the infamous powder blue ones donned in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Roddenberry’s eye for detail was distinct for sci-fi TV at the time, and all on the Enterprise had a particular purpose. Therefore, despite a few ill-fated redesigns,  production fumbles, and inconsistencies, later on, the hues that makeup Starfleet’s uniforms tell a tale that numerous viewers possibly never even noticed.


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What Do the Different Uniform Colors Mean on Star Trek (Part I)?

The different color shirts of Star Trek have different meanings.

Gene Roddenberry might have dreamed of a perfect future when he first created Star Trek, but parts of his vision were deeply rooted in the real world, particularly in the physical makeup of the crew of the Enterprise itself.

Roddenberry, as well as the show’s producers, decided to take several cues from the US Navy when crafting the official ranks on the show, like a captain overseeing a crew made up of a commander, lieutenants, a few lieutenant commanders, and many subordinate roles. But it’s the various colors of the Starfleet uniforms that truly tell the story of how the Enterprise works.

Fans understand the basics: an array of red, blue, and gold shirts line the bridge of the ship each episode. Those colors weren’t just aimlessly picked for the sake of diversity. They accurately correspond to the ship’s many service roles.

The gold shirts are donned by the command division, which is Captain Kirk, Lieutenant Sulu, and Pavel Chekov. Red uniforms are for the engineering/communications division that is chief engineer Scotty and communications officer Uhura. The blue shirts are donned by the science/medical staff like Spock and McCoy.

There’s More (No Surprise There)

As with all things in Star Trek, it’s a little more complicated than all of that. Besides the red shirts worn by communications personnel and engineers, they are also worn by individuals in the security division.

What’s the point of the security division on the Enterprise? Well, they’re typically supporting characters who are instantly killed whenever the crew comes into contact with a new enemy. This is sort of a running gag for Trek fans. Whenever one sees someone wearing a red shirt in an episode, you know they won’t be alive when the episode is over.


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Stars You Probably Didn’t Know Were in Star Trek (Part III)

Chances are, you’ve seen these Star Trek celebs in other shows and movies.

Daniel Dae Kim

Another “Lost” star was on “Star Trek.” Daniel Dae Kim, who played Jin in “Lost,” was in an episode of “Star Trek: Voyager” and later on as a different character in three episodes of “Star Trek: Enterprise.

Vanessa Williams

“Shaft” and “Eraser” actress Vanessa Williams played Arandis on “Star Trek: Deep Space 9,” an inhabitant of a pleasure planet.

Stephen Hawking

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking was in an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” as a holographic version of himself playing poker with Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

Adam Scott

“Parks and Recreation” and “Step Brothers” star Adam Scott had a small role in “Star Trek: First Contact” as a crew member.

Kurtwood Smith

Kurtwood Smith (“That 70’s Show”)has been in many Star Trek projects. He was an Efrosian Federation president in “Star Trek VI: Undiscovered Country,” as the predecessor to Odo on “Star Trek: Deep Space 9,” and as Annorax on “Star Trek: Voyager.”

Mick Fleetwood

Mick Fleetwood, of Fleetwood Mac fame, put on heavy make-up to star in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” as an Antedean dignitary.

Tom Bergeron

Tom Bergeron, well-known for hosting of “Dancing with the Stars” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” was in two episodes of “Star Trek: Enterprise.”

Jane Wiedlin

Jane Wiedlin, Go-Go vocalist and Trekkie diehard fan, had a cameo in “Star Trek.”

John Tesh

The musician and former “Entertainment Tonight” host played a Klingon hologram who assisted Worf in completing his second right of ascension ceremony.

Tom Morello

Tom Morello, of Audioslave and Rage Against the Machine fame, appeared two times in the “Star Trek” universe. He had a small cameo role in the “Star Trek: Insurrection” and then was in an episode of “Star Trek: Voyager.”


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Stars You Probably Didn’t Know Were in Star Trek (Part II)

These celebrities are known for more than just Star Trek

Kelsey Grammer

Frasier himself, Kelsey Grammer, was in an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” as the captain of the ship stuck in a time loop and on a collision course with the Enterprise.

Bebe Neuwirth

Kelsey Grammer’s TV wife Lilith, played by Bebe Neuwirth, also was on “The Next Generation.” She was an alien nurse who vowed to help Commander Riker break out of confinement in exchange for sexual favors.

Kirstie Alley

Another “Cheers” star, Kirstie Alley, was Saavik in “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan knows how to play the villain. Before he was the baseball bat swinging Negan in “The Walking Dead,” Morgan was a Xindi-Reptillian tasked with eliminating Earth in “Star Trek: Enterprise.

Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop, the punk legend who made “The Passenger,” “Search and Destroy” and more, was in “Star Trek: Deep Space 9” as Yelgrun, a Vorta negotiator.

Famke Janssen

Before Famke Janssen and Patrick Stewart would be together in “X-Men” the actress appeared in an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” where she seduced Stewart’s, Jean-Luc Picard.

Seth Macfarlane

Just with the number of references in his shows “Family Guy,” “American Dad” and films “Ted” and “Ted 2,” it’s clear that Seth Macfarlane is a true Trekkie. Happily, Macfarlane was able to be in a couple of episodes of “Star Trek: Enterprise” as a Starfleet engineer.

Andy Dick

Andy Dick of “NewsRadio” played in an episode of “Star Trek” as a holographic ship doctor.

Ashley Judd

“Heat” and “Divergent” actress Ashley Judd was in two episodes of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Also, Judd had her first on-screen kiss with Wil Wheaton’s Wesley Crusher.

Terry O’Quinn

Before Terry O’Quinn was on the island in “Lost” as John Locke, he was an admiral in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” as well as a friend of William Riker.


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Stars You Probably Didn’t Know Were in Star Trek (Part I)

Did you know these stars performed in Star Trek?

The iconic sci-fi show has had some guest stars on the show who ended up being household names.

Tom Hardy

Way before Tom Hardy starred with Leonardo DiCaprio in movies such as “Inception” and “The Revenant,” he played Shinzon, the bad guy in “Star Trek: Nemesis.” Shinzon was the evil twin of Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

With a role on “Star Trek: Voyager,” this was one of the 1st non-wrestling roles that Dwayne Johnson took. He played the Pendari Champion who beat Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine in combat.

Kim Cattrall

Before being Samantha Jones on “Sex and the City,” Kim Cattrall wore prosthetic ears to play the Vulcan helmsman Valeris in “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Kirsten Dunst

“Spider-Man” and “Fargo” actress Kirsten Dunst was in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” at the age of 11. She was Hedril, a young member of a telepathic alien race called the Cairn.

Christopher Lloyd

Famous for his role as Emmett “Doc” Brown in the “Back to the Future” trilogy, Christopher Lloyd played the Klingon Commander Kruge in “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

Christian Slater

Christian Slater was an unnamed officer in “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.” Slater is famous for “Interview with a Vampire,” “True Romance,” and most recently “Mr. Robot.”

Sarah Silverman

Comedian Sarah Silverman was in an episode of “Star Trek: Voyager” where the crew went back in time on Earth. Silverman was a Los Angeles scientist.

Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander from “Seinfeld” also was on “Star Trek” as Kurros, a member of an intellectual group who traversed the galaxy searching for employment in resolving issues.

Teri Hatcher

“Desperate Housewives” and “Lois and Clark” star Teri Hatcher was in an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” playing a Starfleet lieutenant.


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